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How does it work?

Ask your friend for a referral code
Choose the option that suits you best and click to continue
Ask a friend
Click the button to open Viber.
This is an example of what the referral code or phone number your IQOS friend should send you.


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At IQOS stores
  • You can use the referral code at our IQOS stores
  • Find the nearest location here
  • Mention your friend's referral code or phone number when purchasing your FIRST device
  • Visit the registration page and create an account
  • Log in, go to checkout and add your FIRST device to your cart
  • Use the referral code or your IQOS user friend's phone number by entering it in the "Enter code" field and get a discount.
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Elegant and advanced.

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Effortless and enjoyable.

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Ideal on the go.

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Buy a device with a referral code or phone number from an IQOS user and enjoy the benefits together.
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