iqos induction technology iluma breakthrough

Revolutionary induction heating technology.

Meet the next level of innovation through IQOS ILUMA.
iqos induction technology

Technology for your seamless experience.

With the help of several technological breakthroughs, the completely new IQOS ILUMA minimizes your efforts, while allowing you to enjoy the taste of real tobacco.
iqos induction technology
iqos induction technology
The new induction heating technology of IQOS ILUMA is completely bladeless. The metal heater heats the tobacco from inside the specially designed stick, using induction.
IQOS ILUMA™ devices are used exclusively with specially designed sticks. Do not use IQOS ILUMA™ devices with sticks intended for previous IQOS generations.

Next level of technology.

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Next level
Our most refined and advanced device yet. Bladeless. Easy to use. Stylized to the last detail.
Familiar design. Enhanced experience.
A familiar and desirable design. Bladeless. Without cleaning. Easy to use.
Ideal on the go.
A simple device that offers an upgraded experience.
This product is not without risk, it releases nicotine which is addictive. For adults only.