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Use a special offer by returning your old IQOS device.
Replace an old IQOS device with a new IQOS ILUMA
Enhance your experience with IQOS ILUMA through the "Trade in" program.* Enjoy an even simpler and cleaner experience.

*Program Terms & Conditions apply.

How does it work?
choose your new iluma
Choose your new IQOS ILUMA
Choose a device from the available IQOS ILUMA portfolio.
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The discount code is listed below, enter it at checkout and enjoy a special offer.
replace your old iqos
Return your old IQOS device
When delivering or picking up the new IQOS ILUMA device, be sure to return the old one.

Frequently asked questions

This product is not without risk, it releases nicotine which is addictive. For adults only.