Black Friday Discounts That Increase Adrenaline

Black Friday Discounts That Increase Adrenaline | IQOS MK

IQOS is back again with another bullseye in the list of surprises: on the occasion of the well-known 'Black Friday', let us present our latest offers. Yes, you read that right, it's not one, but two offers:

From 24.11 to 30.11, the IQOS ORIGINALS DUO devices will be available for 1.600 MKD, and lil SOLID 2.0 for 500 MKD.

During this time, you will be able to order any of the devices online but find them at the IQOS stores as well. But our Black Friday story does not end here, because from 01.12 to 07.12 they will still be available online.

May your whole week be in the spirit of weekend mood and adrenaline. You deserve it, and we are more than willing to fulfill it. We are reducing prices to add to the excitement.

iqos and lil solid 2.0 black friday offer

As always, this time we leave room for you to choose your new IQOS device according to your own needs, desires and fantasies. The most cheerful time of the year is coming, filled with many holidays, gifts, lights, smells and countdowns. Choose your IQOS ORIGINALS DUO according to the beauty and aesthetics of the coming magical season. At your disposal is Scarlet – let it match the cup filled with mulled wine and cinnamon, the aroma of which you will enjoy to the fullest, because IQOS makes it possible for you. Turquoise is also here for winter sports enthusiasts and frequent visitors to the skating rinks. There is always a secret hiding under the turquoise of the ice. Discover it. A Black Friday wouldn't be Black enough without our Slate shade. The perfect dark combination for long night celebrations. Or maybe you need a star for your Christmas tree that will shine brighter than ever? The Silver option is here. To further charm with your appearance.

Your pleasant experiences are our mission. And that's why we strive constantly to be accessible, consistent and exciting. And you? Stay ideal as you have been until now and surrender to the magical vibes that the next month brings. Let IQOS be the key piece in your identity puzzle. Let's enjoy together, with each other, for each other.

IQOS, an experience that is only yours!!!

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