International Assistance

With you wherever you go
The IQOS Care Plus programme overcomes all borders with the following customer support toll-free number: +800 2559 2559. Regardless of whether you are going on a vacation or a business trip, we are just one call away from you.*

*The International Assistance is available only in countries in which IQOS is commercialized.

IQOS Support Abroad

This service is offered while your IQOS voluntary warranty is valid in the country of purchase.
Available in over 60 Countries
IQOS International Assistance is available in over 60 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

How to sign up for IQOS International Assistance

If you and your IQOS are already registered, you can enjoy the IQOS International Assistance service today. If not, quickly register here.
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