The New Purple Sensation Has Arrived

The New Purple Sensation Has Arrived | IQOS MK

Summer is slowly moving towards its last third. But that doesn't mean the excitement has to subside. That's why IQOS is here to keep the flame alive with its novelties.

Expect us to paint you with purple energy soon. New purple surprises are coming. The last days of summer will vibrate somewhere between the calmness of the blue and the fierceness of the blush. Wild berries, lavender and hot purple horizons. Get ready for a new multi-sensory adventure.

Purple is a royal color, so it calls for something special, extraordinary and unique, attributes that the IQOS team tirelessly works on and regularly emphasizes through its activities and experiences.

It is often called the color of fantasy and magic, and we know very well that you, as an IQOS user, are a brave dreamer, which is why we don't stop giving away magic. Every day, anew and anew.

For more information about the upcoming novelties, feel free to visit us at one of our IQOS zones and find out more about what we are talking about. Purple is also the color of mystery, so we challenge you to a small mission. We are expecting you at one of our IQOS locations, come and find out what it is really about.

Choose IQOS, let your sky go crazy in the pastel purple of a personal Aurora.

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