Scientific Achievement Worth Over 8 Billion Dollars

Scientific Achievement Worth Over 8 Billion Dollars | IQOS MK

A little over a decade ago, the Phillip Morris International team began a new mission. The goal was clear: to build a better future for cigarette users, by redefining the way of use, and to offer new innovative alternatives to the world of adult smokers. Science and technology were placed as the basis of innovation. The team believed in the idea that science is magic that actually works. As a result of this brave feat and consciously undertaken risks and challenges, today we have IQOS.

The impossible is impossible until it starts working!

Adult IQOS users today have the opportunity to use the innovative features of this revolutionary device:

  • • to share daily experiences without smoke and with less unpleasant smells;
  • • to forget about the damaged wardrobe from embers and ash;
  • • to reduce exposure to harmful and potentially harmful substances, compared to cigarettes;
  • • to be part of the global IQOS collective;

All thanks to science and technology and our faith in them. Therefore, IQOS connects you with the World Science Day. Our team is well aware of the importance and essential value of such days.

A brief history:

In 2001, November 10th was declared World Science Day for Peace and Development. The basic guiding idea is to emphasize the significant role of science in modern society and the very need to infiltrate it as a permanent topic for debate among the general public.

IQOS specifically for science:

Phillip Morris International is a leader in innovation and research, and a pioneer in the transformation to a smoke-free world. In the last 10 years, the company has achieved success thanks to large investments in development and science, as well as transparency and openness to cooperation with the scientific community and regulatory bodies. More than 430 top scientists, engineers and experts are part of the big family of Philip Morris, which is behind the innovative devices – IQOS.

Our team always pays special attention to the following three aspects of science:

  • 1. The research: because it is crucial. Behind every IQOS innovation is extensive and detailed research. The needs of our users take center stage in every step forward. Every minute invested in research is worth it, because efficiency is our first priority;
  • 2. Science also means responsibility: the IQOS team is aware of the responsibility that comes with the whole idea, which it regularly fulfills. Through our progressive approach, by using the most modern technological methods, we strive every day to be a better version of ourselves;
  • 3. How we communicate science: All scientific research is transparent on our Home (pmiscience.com) website, available to the entire public.

So follow us, IQOS never stops growing together with its users.

Be part of the world, be IQOS!!!

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