IQOS Spring Quiz

Nothing reminds us of new beginnings like the smell of spring. Slowly but surely, you can feel the freshness, enthusiasm and pure energy that follow this magical season. The colorfulness of nature has just exploded in its spectacular spectrum.

As the world blossoms into its full potential, so does our desire to surprise you. As if waking up from the long winter we've been dreaming through together, IQOS is back with another spring quiz promotion:

Don't let the spring purity and shine be suffocated by the unpleasant smells of traditional cigarettes. Select IQOS. Let the spring be around you and the smoke not.

So, prove your knowledge and get a discount. Here's how:

  • - Click here and access the quiz (but read the rest of the steps first)
  • - The quiz is made up of several short questions related to the benefits of IQOS and what makes IQOS a better alternative than continuing to smoke.
  • - After each answered question, there is information about whether the answer is correct, followed by a more detailed description about it.
  • - If you answer all the questions correctly, you will receive a discount code
  • - Enjoy the IQOS devices
Discount on IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE devices

The discount code you receive is of a different amount and depends on your device selection. The options look like this:

And where can I use the code? IQOS has thought of every detail:

  • - With just a few clicks, use the code online or through our virtual zone
  • - If the weather is beautiful and you want to float through the spring magic - visit our stores and our partners and use the code there.

Fantastic, isn't it? May this season bring you positive change in all fields. Experience spring in full swing.

Yours, IQOS

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