Be a Part of IQOS CLUB

This is not just another text. This text is intended for IQOS CLUB and mostly for you. And what is the IQOS club?

A great opportunity to get even more exclusive IQOS benefits and unforgettable experiences has finally arrived.

What is IQOS CLUB? How does it work?

IQOS CLUB is a digital loyalty program created for all IQOS users in our country. To become a member of the club, you must first of all have registered at least one IQOS device on your profile, and then with one step, you log in to the website with your phone number.

And what do you get if you become a member of IQOS CLUB?

You get a huge number of benefits, including:

  • • current special offers
  • • access to exclusive events
  • • top customer support
  • • as well as a large number of additional experiences.

In the IQOS club, we follow the rule – more points, more benefits. Therefore, your membership can be upgraded through one of the three main statuses – Silver, Gold and Platinum, each status with its own special benefits.

Statuses and benefits of IQOS Club

So let's explain them.

You get a Silver status as soon as you become a member of IQOS CLUB,
you reach the Gold status if you have achieved at least 150 status points,
while the Platinum status has the most exclusive benefits if you have earned at least 300 status points.

We mentioned Status Points. How to collect them?

  • • Use our referral program (Refer a Friend)
  • • Collect points with new purchases
  • • Be active in the community

The perks don't stop there. The CLUB points are also a great benefit for you!

By collecting CLUB points, you can access different types of vouchers that you can use depending on the number of points, and one CLUB point is equal to 1 MKD.

If you want to try something different and you are looking for different culinary tastes or maybe you enjoy a good movie, with the help of CLUB points you are one step closer to unlocking this type of voucher. Of course, if your IQOS device is always an integral part of your style or you want to protect it from unwanted falls, vouchers for stylish accessories are also available in IQOS CLUB!

How to collect CLUB points?

  • • Watch a video
  • • Read an article
  • • Use the program to return your old device for recycling and get 300, 600 or 900 CLUB points.

And one more thing, for the IQOS club membership you don't need a physical membership card because everything is digitized.

Finally, of course we hope for your membership to make your experience even better! Become one of the first members of the IQOS club and stay up to date with all the news.

Of course, for all additional information and for everything that interests you about IQOS CLUB and IQOS, we are here to support you.

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