Summer Arrives Early With IQOS

A challenge to the senses – inspired by the natural waves

The summer sun is the first sensory pleasure that foreshadows the enjoyment of long summer days filled with late night outings, summer events, new changes, aromatic fruits, endless water horizons, and thus the planning of summer vacations that give us the necessary energy for the rest of the year.

With the arrival of summer, everything is brighter and more alive, and the senses are preparing for something special. This year, summer has already arrived with IQOS.

In this season of change and novelty, the arrival of the summer wave brings with it a sense of possibility and endless adventures. With its vibrant colors and enchanting flavors, this is a sign that this summer you should allow yourself to enjoy new things.

For this summer, the IQOS team has been working tirelessly on a new and extraordinary challenge, for all the senses.

For more information about the novelties and all the interesting things they bring, feel free to visit us at one of our IQOS boutiques in East Gate Mall или Diamond Mall и дознај повеќе за што станува збор.

Summer arrives early with IQOS. Don't you believe it? If you are a registered IQOS user, then don't wait and log in to the IQOS CLUB where you will find all the information about the novelties that IQOS is preparing for you this summer.

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