The Summer Adventure Begins!

Summer is the perfect season for adventure, where every new day offers a new opportunity for exploration and excitement. Whether you plan to take a weekend getaway or take advantage of a good travel opportunity, mark this season in a unique way with your company and good parties.

IQOS ILUMA ONE device on a map

IQOS has prepared many surprises for you, new opportunities, even overseas trips.

Of course, wherever you go, your perfect summer companion is with you – your IQOS device personalized in your style and ready for new, exciting moments.

Whether you're exploring new cities or relaxing by the beach, before you go on a trip don't forget to pack your IQOS device. Its compact design makes it an ideal companion.

Let your travels take you to new things, places and people. Maybe this summer you will learn a new skill, swim under the stars at a music festival, discover undiscovered magical places or use all the moments to collect IQOS CLUB points at every IQOS event, fingers crossed that you are one of the three winners who will travel to Tokyo.

So this summer we encourage you to constantly explore and travel, after all, what is summer for if not for enjoying events and festivals?

For example, we always mark the beginning of summer with D-festival in Dojran, a summer music festival that has become famous in our region and beyond. At events like this, we promise that many IQOS surprises and unforgettable moments await you.

And if you attend one of the events, don't forget to make the most of your IQOS CLUB membership, enjoying exclusive benefits and collecting points that will bring you closer to the chance to travel to Tokyo with the IQOS Together X platform.

As we mentioned above, let us remind you that IQOS CLUB members, i.e. loyal and registered users of an IQOS device, have an additional incentive: you have a chance to be one of the three lucky winners who will attend the IQOS Together X experience in Tokyo.

For this summer, for every moment to be an adventure waiting to be discovered.

Stay tuned.

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