Together We Create a Future Without Tobacco Smoke

Together We Create a Future Without Tobacco Smoke | IQOS MK

Share the benefits of using IQOS/lil with your friends who are adult smokers and help them quit smoking.

For each friend who decides to make a change, you get 450 den. credit on your profile.

What are the steps to a successful IQOS/lil referral?

  • • Any registered IQOS/lil user can be a participant.
  • • To participate in the program, you will receive your own personal referral code. If you are not registered for the program or do not know your code, call our Customer Support Center on 0800 99 0 99.
  • Your referrals need to use your unique code when purchasing their first device.
  • • Once the code is used, you will receive an SMS message notifying you of a successful recommendation.
  • The more referrals you make, the more credit you will have.
  • • This code has no limited validity period.

How can you use the credit from your IQOS account?

Only you can use the credit on your profile, ie. you do not have the possibility to transfer it to the profile of another IQOS user. The credit can be used to purchase any product from our portfolio available at any of the IQOS zones or through our mobile IQOS experts.

Do you have additional questions? Find the answers in the program’s terms and conditions or call 0800 99 099.


This product is not without risk, it releases nicotine that is addictive. For adults only.

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