Make the Most of Spring

Make the Most of Spring | IQOS MK

With the daily fast pace of life, we are all seeking for new beginning, lacking freshness, calmness, and also inspiration. Have we learned to appreciate the little moments of peace during the day? Those short episodes of mental 'zen' became more important than ever. And precisely because they are short and rare, we must try those moments to be of quality.

Spring is transition season. The sun slowly but surely melts the sheet of winter monochrome and releases colorful and positive vibrations. The world blooms again, an explosion of shades occurs and somehow everything starts to make sense. We have days of freshness that are actually a great opportunity to ventilate our homes, hearts and thoughts. Because spring is synonymous with purity, joy and hope.

And speaking of shades and cleanliness, if you missed our last IQOS offer with a special gift, click here and in addition to an excellent device, you will also get a free silicone sleeve in the shades of spring, combining the colors we offer as an option. Perhaps our ideas will be a super inspiration to further complete your spring set with some of the other IQOS accessories.

Thanks to the device that does not burn tobacco, during the remaining seasons and also spring, the room you enjoy your IQOS in, has no smoke and no unpleasant smells.

However, we recommend regular cleaning of your device. Maintaining itself gives you a constantly good experience, and among other things you take care of the state of the holder. That's why we have our cleaning sticks and cleaning tools.

And this spring, our 'flowers' from the virtual zone are available to you. If you would like to make an order, you have any questions, need advice on any of our products and you want to take a virtual look of the device, the IQOS ladies are always in the mood to answer you and point you to the desired goal. Haven't met our customer care agents yet? Here's a chance.

It is the beauty of IQOS, which makes even the most complex things look simple and accessible. Our devices and accessories bring you a piece of spring in your lives. Modern, functional, different!

Well hello spring. It's time to disperse the dark clouds. We have the ingredient for happiness. It's called IQOS!

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