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IQOS doesn't stop with its series of innovations

Allow us this time to introduce you to our long-awaited IQOS application - your gateway to superior pleasure. The app is compatible with

The application is now available, and in the following we present some of the benefits it will offer you

Adapted just for you

The IQOS app takes personalization to a whole different level. Customize the device settings, unleash your creativity and name the device as you want, track how much battery you have left until the next charge. Adjust the vibration and lighting mode - all with a few taps on the display.

Locating and Security

Creative people often know how to be a bit reckless. Have you left your device charging, or have you forgotten it in the bedroom, in the yard, in the kitchen? There's no room for panic anymore. If your IQOS is up to 10 meters away from the Android device from which you access the application, through a Bluetooth connection the application will locate the device by vibrating (the prerequisite is that the holder is in the pocket charger). In case the device is left outside this distance, the application will show you the last location where you were connected.

When it comes to security, you are now more secure than ever: simply lock your device through the app. This way, nobody else can use your IQOS. Then unlock it through the same option and enjoy.

Impeccable support

Have you encountered a problem or have a dilemma? You need help? The application is your perfect assistant, offering you express support. The application easily detects the problems and promptly offers solutions for them. There are no more uncertainties – surely we are on our way to perfection.

Easy to upgrade software

The IQOS app ensures that your device is currently updated. You can elegantly and simply download the latest software updates, which will guarantee you optimal performance and top features.

Reset and automatic cleaning

Resetting your device is a quick way to fix the current problem with your device. Every device can be reset with a specific button press pattern, but now the IQOS app offers you a quick and easy way to reset your device with just a few clicks on your phone.

In addition, you get the possibility of additional care for IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ORIGINALS DUO devices through automatic cleaning of the heating blade. This is not a complete replacement for classic manual cleaning, as the residues of use must be manually removed and thrown out of the holder. However, when you are done cleaning with the sticks, with the help of the IQOS application you will be able to remove the deposits from the heating blade and provide yourself with optimal enjoyment.

The IQOS app is intended for our registered users, and the content is accessed by entering the phone number based on which your profile is registered. Once you're logged in, you'll be able to see all the IQOS devices registered to your name (IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS ORIGINALS DUO, ILUMA PRIME, ILUMA, or ILUMA ONE) while, unfortunately, the app doesn't support lil SOLID devices.

All you have to do is connect your desired IQOS device to the app. To connect to a computer you need a USB cable, while the Android application has the option of connecting via Bluetooth.

However, the functionalities through the Bluetooth connection are limited, so we recommend that you connect your Android with a cable with a suitable USB connector (eg the cable you get when you buy any of the IQOS devices).

Stay up to date with the news and soon enjoy the benefits offered by this application. IQOS App is not just an app, it is also a revolution. Dive into a world where your IQOS experience is as unique and original as you are.

Download and еnjoy

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