Talking With the Team of IQOS Experts

Meet the latest version of the Virtual Zone that brings you a premium user experience, support, with a comprehensive approach to sales services, tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

We follow and value your opinion, and this improved version was created in order to give you the best possible service, right here in our country. About the novelties in the Virtual Zone, you will learn personally from the conversation with the experts from the Virtual Zone - Elena, Sara, Nikola and Matea.

Nikola - Agent at the IQOS virtual zone

First we talked to Nikola. From him we learned that the Virtual Zone has a new improved version. So, consequently we asked him what are the novelties, that is, the most significant features of the new version of the Virtual Zone.

Nikola: First of all, through the new, improved version, you can quickly and easily contact us or schedule a phone or video call. Through this version, you can get more and more detailed information about the entire IQOS portfolio, as well as use all current offers.

The updated version actually brings a better user experience where you can talk to an IQOS agent via video call or leave a phone number to be contacted. Of course, if you don't want to conduct the conversation with the camera on, you can turn it off at any time during the conversation.

Additionally, while you are on a video call, you have the option to chat with the agent. On the other hand, the agent can share a screen if he needs to show you how to do something, share a special or current offer with you, show you the products directly as a pop-up with all the colors and descriptions where you can select your own color choice, and while you are doing it, everything is also displayed in the agent.

The next question is, when can a user turn to the Virtual Zone?

Nikola: The Virtual Zone works every day from 08:00 to 22:00, except for Sundays and public holidays.

What does the Virtual Zone offer as a service?

The Virtual Zone offers all services like other official stores.

  • 1. You can make an order yourself, or an agent can make it on your behalf.
  • 2. If you can't navigate the website, the agent is available to help you or order a device for you.
  • 3. The agent has a duty to offer you the best current offer for the devices.
  • 4. Agents are here to provide you with a great virtual shopping experience.

But, of course, customer care remains an important service that you get from agents in the Virtual Zone. Elena, Matea and Sara answer us about the approach to user questions and how they provide care for you by initiating video contact.

Elena - Agent at the IQOS virtual zone

Elena: We approach all users with equal attention and above all put ourselves in their position, in order to better understand their needs. Through video contact, it is possible for customers to ensure that they are talking to a real (IQOS representative) person, as well as this allows for a better presentation of the IQOS portfolio.

Matea - Agent at the IQOS virtual zone

Matea: Video calls allow existing and potential users to get to know IQOS products more closely without leaving the comfort of their home, that is, from anywhere.

Sara - Agent at the IQOS virtual zone

You have already learned that the Virtual Zone has new features. Well, let's ask if it is possible for users to purchase an IQOS device directly through the Virtual Zone and if so, what steps are involved in this process.

Sara: Of course it is possible for users to place an order through the Virtual Zone, that is a basic benefit for users. They can place an online order themselves, as well as contact us in the Virtual Zone so that we can place an order on their behalf and then send it to them via express mail or pick it up from the nearest IQOS zone or partner.

Elena and Sara - Agents at the IQOS virtual zone

Finally, we wanted you to know what a working day looks like in the Virtual Zone. Well, they all answered in unison:

Our day starts with contacting customers to confirm and send online orders through our official logistics partner, then we contact scheduled calls coming from our website mk.iqos.com, and at the same time we are available for all live video calls, for time during which we are maximally available to inform users about current offers and of course to make an order according to their request.

With the latest updates to the Virtual Zone and the dedication and hard work of the team we spoke with, we're moving on to the next level.

Therefore, the next time you want to get detailed information about IQOS products, use a current offer and program, remember that the Virtual Zone is always available for you.

To many more virtual interactions and happy users!

Your IQOS.

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