A Neon Experience at Intermezzo

IQOS is always known for great events, filled with exciting activities for users, and of course, guaranteed fun, and if you were at the launch of IQOS ILUMA NEON PURPLE at Intermezzo on 14.06, you had a chance to see for yourself.

Through the prism of the striking neon purple colors of the new limited edition IQOS ILUMA NEON PURPLE, we stirred all the senses on the dance floor with the music of three DJs who made this event long to be remembered.

DJ set at the IQOS ILUMA NEON PURPLE event in Intermezzo

Neon aesthetics came to the fore through the performance of girls with body paint, who charmed the audience with their sensual energy during their dance performance.

Girl performance at the ILUMA NEON PURPLE event in Intermezzo

Of course, an IQOS Together X event wouldn't be what it is without you, as a loyal user. Your presence made a maximum contribution to the party continuing in full swing, through a neon release of the senses.

If you were at the party, you must have noticed the QR codes placed on the tables, and if you managed to scan them, then your place on the ranking list for Tokyo, on the IQOS CLUB platform, is secured. If you follow us on social networks, or read our blog posts, you probably already know that every IQOS user can collect points by attending events and participating in activations.

For those who still do not know, it is important to remind. Collecting IQOS CLUB points is important, because you, as our IQOS registered user, have a chance to be one of the three users from our country who will win a trip to Tokyo!

IQOS Together X logo at the ILUMA NEON PURPLE event in Intermezzo

This event was organized under the Together X platform through which IQOS users can shape their IQOS experience by highlighting uniqueness.

As the summer temperatures rise, so will the atmosphere at the next IQOS Together X events, so charge your batteries and your IQOS, and expect more exciting news and events soon!

P.S Going to Tokyo?

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