How is the IQOS contact center different from the others and who is behind Facebook Messenger? Find out more from Elena, part of the IQOS customer support team.

Recognizable by customer support and answering all your questions, the IQOS team continues to build a close relationship with all of you.

As part of the Teleperformance Center, which moved from Athens to Skopje last year, we had a short talk with Elena, who is part of the Hyper Care program of the IQOS Customer Support Center.

We talked about several topics, from a 15-minute conversation with an IQOS user to the Hyper Care program and who is behind the Facebook messenger user support, as well as other issues that are directly related to all of you, IQOS users.


1. How does the Hyper Care program work and how users react on the first call?

The initial call that is part of the Hyper Care program is a call to welcome new users, in the first 2 or 3 days after purchasing the device. The first call is for support in terms of starting the experience itself, how the adjustment process is going, to help them if they have any questions or difficulties they are facing. They are free to contact us, we are here to help them and I can say that they are always surprised by the attention we pay to them.

2. What is the longest conversation you have had so far?

About 15 minutes, a conversation with one of our customers and after answering the question she had, the conversation somehow spontaneously continued as a kind of praise because she shared how much positive experience she had with the use and availability of our contact center. She also shared with us that besides her, the whole family and close ones are already users of IQOS devices, that she shared her positive experience everywhere, and that she always wants to be informed about the news that is happening in IQOS world.

3. How is the IQOS contact center different from the others?

Our contact center differs from the others in that we are fully focused on our customers to be satisfied and served at the highest possible level, to have a flawless experience with our devices and if they have any questions we are here to help, in the shortest as soon as possible to fulfill their requests, through the channel that is most suitable for them, whether they will contact us directly on the customer support number, on Messenger via the Facebook page or by e-mail. Users are surprised from the moment that we can solve almost all issues and challenges over the phone, without delaying and complicating the process, so that users do not need to spend extra time to visit any of the zones or wait to receive a visit by one of our colleagues, IQOS experts.

4. Who is behind the Facebook messenger user support?

The entire IQOS team for customer support on the Macedonian market, which is composed of 7 girls who constantly cooperate and function as one. However, it is very important to note that the messages are answered by our agents, not automated messages.

5. Share a positive experience and praise you received from one of our users.

We were contacted by a young guy who had bought an IQOS device and was having difficulty restarting his device. We solved this very quickly, explaining the process which is really simple, and he told us that he is pleasantly surprised by the approach and availability of customer support. He told us that he feels much better when he uses the IQOS device and was surprised how much positive effect it had on his life, especially when he is in the presence of non-smokers. In particular, he stressed that he overcame the problems he had with his girlfriend after eliminating the smoke and the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.

6. Finally, what recommendation would you give to the customers who contact you at the customer support center?

Our recommendation is whenever the user contacts us to have the whole set on hand, the device with two parts, the holder and the pocket charger if it is an IQOS 3 DUO or the LIL device itself so that we can approach the issues in more detail.

After talking to Elena about her daily life at the IQOS Customer Support Center, we can only inform you that Elena and the rest of the team are available for all your questions related to the IQOS world from Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 21:00. and Sunday 10:00 - 18:00. Contact them directly via Facebook messenger or via number 080099099.

They are waiting for you!

Your IQOS.

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