Walk On Your Wild Side Day With IQOS

Walk On Your Wild Side With IQOS | IQOS MK

Walk on Your Wild Side is a day of mutual inspiration, but also of inter-personal pushing of boundaries and breaking patterns. Its creators invite us to do something bold, something that has long smoldered in us like volcanic lava that has the potential to erupt into an unforgettable masterpiece, an exciting experience, a life-changing moment. Normally, all of it should be legal and it should not have a disturbing effect on the environment.

Even the smallest feats you have hesitated to do can bring about change. Changing the color of your hair? Why not! An adventurous journey? Sounds fantastic! Having fun in the kitchen and experimenting with recipes? Of course! This day has the goal of reminding us to do all those things that we did not dare try due to the fear of personal failure, "other people's opinion" about us, even though deep down we really longed for it.


The time and the world in which we live in set their own norms, impose their own pace and dictate their own game rules. Sometimes it is necessary to look at things from the other side of the set social boundaries, not out of unconstructive rebellion, but out of curiosity, to discover a different view that will be our personal booster to overcome ourselves. Historically, it was those who fearlessly rode the wave of innovation, creativity and uniqueness, that left the most influential marks and lasting legacies of their time and the time that will follow.

So wake up your inner champion and ask yourself: Which person will I be on the Walk On Your Wild Side day, and which one afterwards?

We woke our champion. And the feeling is great. IQOS tirelessly pushes boundaries, offers innovative and fresh experiences, keeps an eye on the pace of change and the needs of its users and boldly steps towards a better version of itself! Our devices are exactly what the Walk On Your Wild Side idea stands for: diversity, progress, authenticity, originality. We learn from the past, predicting the future, to improve the present. Our teams are fully committed to building a 'new era' for the enjoyers of tobacco. No smoke, no ash, no unpleasant odors. Thanks to you and your positive feedback on IQOS products, we are increasingly motivated and confident in what we do and constantly aim higher. We aim for perfection, which we would share with you.

So celebrate Walk On Your Wild Side day as it should be, add a little adrenaline to life. And in the meantime, Make a Click On Our Wild Site.

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