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Each photograph is a story that cannot be told through words. This visual poetry preserves memories from oblivion. Each frozen moment is lovemaking between the soul and the lens. From analog Kodak to today's digitization, photography is a significant segment of our everyday life: we keep dear photos on our walls, in our wallets, on social networks.

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Thanks to technology, anyone can now be a photographer. That is why August 19 has been declared World Photography Day. The day aims to elevate photography from a professional perspective as a primary profession, but also to encourage everyone to cultivate it as a hobby. We celebrate old-fashioned photography styles and are curious about future trends. Today, thanks to digitalization, each of us carries a camera in our pocket. But despite technological progress, various approaches, angles, styles and qualities, photography has never changed its language and essence: it continues to immortalize emotions, ideas, expressions. It continues to be an eternal guardian of the social and individual imagination.

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IQOS believes in the power of photography. Our team doesn’t let such days go unnoticed. That's why we connect you with World Photography Day. And guess what? We also have a surprise!

In our previous article we presented to you a step-by-step instruction on how to become potential winners of IQOS 3 DUO Passion Red or a beach towel. It's too simple, that's why we're waiting for you in a direct message on Instagram. Be creative, be part of world events and receive a gift. Freeze a few moments and let IQOS 3 DUO Passion Red melt them with its volcanic passion and turn them into heart-warming sensations.

Say Cheese, fantasize, be original, be IQOS!

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