Here’s How the Selection of the Most Creative Photos Went

Here’s How the Selection of the Most Creative Photos Went | IQOS MK

Colorful backgrounds, various city "corners", and IQOS in the main role.
And all this through the prism of the camera or mobile phone, as a way to highlight IQOS creatives!

This summer, we encouraged all IQOS users to find the passion of summer in their city, to awaken their creativity and competitive spirit, and of course, the best ones for that creativity to be rewarded accordingly.

The selection of the most creative IQOS photos was decided by the votes of the audience on the IQOS Instagram account and the six-member jury, which was composed of representatives of different departments at Philip Morris TKP:

  • • Kristijan Mihajlovski - Responsible for the team dedicated to Customer Care
  • • Ardit Bina - Digital Commerce Associate
  • • Kristina Kochevska – Leader of the Digital B2B Channel
  • • Gala Manchevska - Accounting Analyst, in the finance team
  • • Martina Poposka - Associate in the Third-Party Production Team
  • • Ivana Jacheva - Associate in the External Affairs Department

The jury was amazed by the various creative works of the participants and therefore they faced a really difficult challenge – to pick their favorites from the abundance of great IQOS photos that met all the conditions to be part of this challenge. They said that all creative solutions deserved special attention from their side and thanked all challenge participants who "enriched" their IQOS story.

jury committee for the selection of iqos photographs

The selection process of the most creative photos by the jury committee was monitored by the President of the committee - Veronika Stavrova, as a representative of the marketing and digital team. She made sure that the voting went smoothly and confirmed that all the rules of participation were observed.

For the most creative works, gifts followed.

So, the most creative 10 participants, according to the votes of the audience and the votes of the jury, received an IQOS 3 DUO Passion Red device that will beautify their IQOS collection for this summer, and 20 participants received a beach towel as a gift, which we are sure they will make the most of it, enjoying the IQOS ritual at the chosen destination.

Finally, we want to express a huge thank you to all the participants, all the creative minds that we know are part of every IQOS story.

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Your IQOS!

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