Yes, tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive.
Nicotine is naturally present in the tobacco used in tobacco sticks. It is released in the vapor that is generated during the IQOS usage.
The taste of tobacco sticks is different from that of cigarettes because tobacco is heated rather than burned.
By heating the tobacco, the true taste of the tobacco is released.
Tobacco sticks are made from a specially selected blend of tobacco in order to provide tobacco taste.
Ultra-compact and precisely designed, tobaco sticks consistently deliver tobacco taste, satisfaction and pleasure when heated with IQOS Device.
Tobacco part consists of the carefully selected, finely ground and specially prepared tobacco that delivers the best taste while heating. Non-tobacco part consists of:
Cooling plug - made of corn-based material also used in medical, food and beverage industries
Air flow chamber – designed to hold the tobacco plug in place and transfer the aerosol to the cooling plug.
Protective wrap – protective aluminium wrap which helps to deliver a consistent taste experience.
Filter - similar to the mouthpiece filter of a cigarette. Made of cellulose acetate.
IQOS не е без ризик. Ослободува никотин кој создава зависност. Само за полнолетни.