Your IQOS 3 Duo contains software that is built into the device from the time of production.
Like all devices that are upgraded, we have created a new version of software that improves usage experience, eliminates potential software errors, allowing longer and more optimal use.
If you are able, visit us in any of the zones in Skopje.
This problem is most often related to the use of an older version of the device.
Our experts will upgrade the software to your device and make sure it works well before they return it to you. At the same time, they will clean your device in detail, as our goal is to have a device in the perfectly correct state.
Our recommendation is to upgrade your device even though it works well.
By upgrading the software to your IQOS 3 Duo device, you will avoid any potential software difficulties in the future and have a longer and better experience using the device.
The most common difficulties arising from using an older version of the software are: red blinking bulb, weak holder battery, shorter inhalation, etc.
Contact us at the free phone number to check the version of your IQOS 3 Duo device: 0800 99 099.
Our agents will request your unique device code, notify you of the current version and give you guidance and advice if necessary.
The latest version of the IQOS 3 Duo device is currently being created.
If you have an IQOS 2.4 Plus or lil SOLID 2.0 device, there is no need to check and upgrade the version of your device's software.
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